Tomato pudding

Cook & Prep Time

45 min



Tomato pudding

A delicious twist on a traditional sweet pudding – and a surprise for Halloween or autumn festivities!


  • 480g canned organic chopped tomatoes
  • 224g pumpkin, peeled and cut into small dice
  • 140g sugar
  • 100 ml fresh cream
  • cinnamon
  • a few sliced almonds to decorate the pudding


Step 1

Put the sugar to melt in a pan. When it is melted, add the diced pumpkin and let it soften.

Step 2

When the sugar and pumpkin are well-combined, add the organic chopped tomatoes and cook, then add the cream and cinnamon.

Step 3

Let the mixture reduce over a gentle heat, when all the liquid has evaporated, turn off the heat and leave to cool.

Step 4

Spoon the pudding into individual tins or glasses and when completely cooled put in the refrigerator; serve when cold. Decorate with sliced almonds before serving.